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  Robin waited patiently by the girl in an awkward silence. He had radioed Batman on a communicator, which was the device he had been given by his mentor.  The girl had stopped crying, but was now sitting up, her legs pulled close. Her arms wrapped around her legs, her face despondent as she nestled it between her knees. When Batman finally arrived in his jet, she barely even glanced at him as he gently guided her into the aircraft.

  Once she was settled, The Dark Knight turned to Robin. “You should probably head back to your team. They’ll be on a wild goose chase now, just tell them that it has been taken care of and I said to not ask any questions. Can you do that?”

  “Sure, Bruce.” Dick replied as nonchalantly as he could, but the Bat could see something was troubling him.

  “We’ll talk about this later. I want to know exactly what happened. Alright, Dick?
  “Yeah Bats, whatever you say…” Robin flipped backwards twice before sprinting away, leaving Bruce with the girl.


  When Robin finally arrived at the Bio-ship, he noticed everyone was already there, quarreling about their next move. Aqualad gave Robin a stern glare as he made his way to the group, but didn’t comment on the boy’s appearance.

  “Yo, Rob! Where’d ya go? Did you find anything, ‘cause we didn’t.” Kid Flash asked in his hyperactive way, then did a double take. “Dude! Did you get in a fight?”

  Robin glanced down at himself, finally realizing how much damage he had really taken during the battle. His left sleeve was torn, half of his cape was missing, and he was certain a piece of his mask was gone. Turning on his happy-go-lucky manner, he scratched the back of his head.

  “Now, will you look at that?” He quipped. “You guys missed all the action.”
  Artemis tried to glared sternly at Robin, but then burst out laughing when she saw Wally’s sad expression.

  “You mean you handled everything? And you didn’t even let me come with you? Man, Rob, that hurts!” Wally pouted, before sticking his tongue out at Artemis. Robin managed to smirk a bit, before taking his seat in the ship.


  After a few hours of hanging around with the team and explaining that, no matter how hard they pleaded, he wouldn’t tell them what happened, Robin decided it was time to head home. He zeta-tubed to the Bat Cave. As soon as he started climbing the stairs to the manor, fatigue hit him like a brick. It had been a physically and mentally taxing day. All he wanted to do know was take a soak and crash on his bed, which he then proceeded to do so.

  Dick entered the bathroom, turning on the shower and letting the water run so it could heat up. He stripped off his ruined uniform, tossing it into the sink counter. He gently peeled off what was left of his mask and dropped it on top of the suit. He stared momentarily at his face in the mirror, rubbing the corner of his eyes. When the mirror started to fog up, he stepped into the shower. He held back a squeak as the hot water hit the wounds covering his body. Leaning his head back with his eyes closed, he ran his fingers through his hair as he let the water rinse the weariness from his body.

  After a few minutes he emerged from the bathroom, wearing a pair of pajama pants and his hair wrapped up in a towel. Dick sauntered to his room, running into Alfred along the way, who only took one look at the boy and nodded in understanding. Said boy flopped down on his bed, waiting for the inevitable interrogation from his mentor.

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I have decided that I am going to finish my Young Justice fan-fiction. Seeing as the show is ending, I'm going to do this to prolong my favorite show.

So this is going to be mostly about Raven, whom I stole from Teen Titans and thrust into the Young Justice universe to see what would happen. I have redesigned her to my liking and to fit in with the story. Please enjoy this short story. I will do my very best to upload every weekend, depending on if I finish the next chapter, which I usually will. I apologize for any delays.

This story will also include the main characters of the Young Justice, but mostly Robin and Batman. This story will include the shipping of Raven and Robin.
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RaeRae1984 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Update pls :))
BlackRougeRaven Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so sorry! I had an entire chapter written out, but I lost it. I can't promise an update soon, but because I now know someone's interested in this, I'll try my very best to get an update as soon as I can.
RaeRae1984 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Yay! I'll look forward to it :)
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Does the ??? mean that there'll be no next chapter :(?
I really like your story btw.
BlackRougeRaven Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no, it just means that that part isn't up yet so there is no link.
Thank you! Unfortunately my story is on a bit of a break right now. Hopefully I'll start it back up in a few weeks.
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