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May 28, 2013
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A JohnxReader story.

School sucked. No seriously, it was awful.

This is why you were in a great mood, for it was the last day of this torture. Your best friends were laughing and screwing around as the teacher played National Treasure on her laptop for the class. Well, you guess you’d miss Mrs. Cox’s class because she was the best science teacher ever. She always let you guys watch a movie whenever the class was ahead in the lessons.

Dave Strider, a.k.a. the coolest kid in school, tossed a piece of crumpled paper in your direction. “So what are you doing over the summer?”

You shrugged. “I guess I’ll spend it inside, on my computer playing Sims or something.”

“Laaaame. You need to do something that doesn’t involve being cooped up all summer.”

You playfully shoved him, earning you a smirk. “What are you gonna do, Rose?”

The elegant blonde looked up from her book. “Oh. I haven’t really thought about it. I suppose I will start writing my novella and brush up on my knitting skills.”

You guess that was better than what you were going to do. “What about you, Egderp? Hey, Joooohn.”

The boy ignored you, completely enthralled by the movie. You sighed, wondering how Nick Cage could get more of his attention than you. You wouldn’t admit it, but sometimes you were jealous of that actor. You had used to love him and enjoyed his movies, that is, until you realized that he took away all the attention that could be on you.

Yes, you, [Full Name], had a crush on the classroom nerd. Hooray for you. Fortunately no one knew that, that you knew of, so you could pretend not to care.

“John Egbert, I am talking to you!” You hissed.

Reluctantly he turned around, looking at you with those gorgeous blue eyes you loved,
“What is it? My favourite part is coming up!”

“John, EVERY part is your favourite. And I was asking what you’re gonna do over the break.”

“Oh, I dunno. My dad’ll probably take me somewhere for a week for ‘father-son bonding time’, like usual. Other than that I’ll probably just play some video games and pester you guys.”

Dave shook his head sadly. “You guys have no idea how to have fun. Okay then, you’re all comin’ over to my place next Saturday to hang out instead of becoming bigger nerds than you are now. You too, Rose.”

Rose nodded. “Alright. I’ll contact Harley to tell her about this get together, if that is alright with you.”

He shrugged. “Sure, whatever. Where is she anyway?”

You popped him on his head. “You know she always skips the last day. She sleeps all day to ‘mull over all the information I have gathered over the year’ or something. She’s so weird like that.”

Dave chuckled. “Yeah, whatever. So, see you guys next Saturday for the best day ever.”

It was Saturday and you were the first one to arrive. Dave had set up a table with snacks including a whole crap load of apple juice boxes and Doritos. Fortunately he had also included some normal foods like a bowl of watermelon and three bottles Faygo.

“Oh, hey [Name]. The others should be here soon. I thought we could just hang out, watch movies and play some video games and stuff ‘cause it’s not as lame when you’re with bros.”

“Sounds cool.” You grabbed a slice of watermelon and an entire bottle of soda and plopped down on the couch, taking a swig from the bottle.

“Hey dude, that was for everyone!”

“Well, this one’s mine now. Unless you want some?” You shook the bottle in his direction teasingly. “It’ll be our first indirect kiss.”

You laughed as you could see him cringe behind his shades. “Dude, that is so wrong. On so many levels.”

Fortunately for the cool kid John walked in, carrying a box full of DVDs. “Hey guys! I brought some awesome movies to pick from!”

“Aw bro, we don’t want to watch your lame movies. We’re gonna watch something worthy of the Strider eyes.”

“Daaaave c’mon!”

“No, bro. No.”

You watched them arguing like usually, holding back a giggle as you bit into your juicy fruit.

After a few minutes of that Jade and Rose walked in. Rose immediately went to the boys and tried to analyze their minds to find out why they were fighting as Jade sat down next to you.

“Hi [Name]! So, have you told him yet?”

“Jade, what are you talking about?”

She giggled. “Oh, nothing. Nevermind!”

Rose finally settled Dave and John down, guiding them towards the couch as she picked out a movie. She put in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, much to Dave’s chagrin. You hadn’t seen it yet, so you were excited by her choice. You then noticed where everyone was seated on the couch.

Rose sat on one end and next to her was Dave while John was next to him. You had ended up next to the nerd, with Jade completing the line.

Oh dear.

You tried to ignore this fact and did pretty well, but you then started to get tired about halfway through the movie. You unconsciously rested your head on John’s shoulder, nuzzling into his side as your eyes drooped. Slowly you drifted off to sleep. Jade had to bite back a squeal when she saw you lying comfortably on your crush’s shoulder.

Rose noticed this as well, nudging Strider and nodding towards the two of you. Dave smirked, knowing that his best bro had a small crush on you.

John had almost fallen asleep as well, his eyes closed as his head lay back against the couch. Jade silently motioned for the three of them to head to the kitchen. Rose and Dave readily complied.

Once in the kitchen, Dave let out a deep breath. “They better do something and do it soon or I swear I’m going to beat the crap out of that nerd.”

Jade shook her head eagerly. “Yeah! We all know that they like each other, except
themselves! It’s kind of funny, really.”

“I do hope John makes his move because I’m starting to pity [Name]’s poor heart.” Rose poured herself a cup of water. “Their feelings are so obvious it makes me wonder what’s going on in those heads of theirs.”

Back in the living room John had noticed the pleasant weight on his shoulder. He shifted to see what it was, only to have your sleeping figure fall onto his lap. His eyes shot open, his cheeks burning a bright red. You snuggled closer to his chest, placing one hand on his thigh as you smiled, still fast asleep.

“H-hey, [Name]. Wake up.” He nudged you, poking your face gently. When that didn’t do anything, he turned to get help from Dave, but noticed that all three of his friends had split, leaving just him and a knocked out [Name].

He sighed, running his fingers through your hair, taking this moment to take in every inch of your face. You were beautiful to him; every single part of you was perfect from your gorgeous smile to the little imperfections that made you who you were. He loved every little piece of you and desperately wanted to make you his, but he was scared you didn’t feel the same.

“I wish you’d like me back. I think I’m in love with you. Like, I love you more than Nick Cage, that’s how much I love you. I’d give up watching Con Air just so you could be mine.” John smiled, his teeth sticking out in that cute way you adored.

You had woken up when you had felt hands messing with your hair, but you were too comfortable to move. You kept your eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of whomever you had ended up cuddling. When you had heard John’s confession, you almost bolted up and kissed that dork on the mouth right then and there, but your brain and your body weren’t
cooperating with each at the moment.

Blinking slowly, you turned your face towards John’s, smiling sleepily. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.”

His face flushed as he realized you had heard his little speech. Then he registered what you had said. “R-really?”

“Mmm-hmm.” You yawned, pulling yourself up into his lap, laying your face on his shoulder.
“And just so ya know, I love ya too.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you even closer. “Guess this makes you mine now, huh?”

You chuckled into his shirt. “Nope. You’re mine, Egderp. You belong to me.” You reached over and lazily pecked his lips.

“Ah.” He grinned as he pulled you into a real kiss, tangling his hands in your hair.

Breaking off, you turned towards the kitchen. “Did you hear something?”

John directed your face back to his. “Nope.”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Dave had his hands clapped over a giddy Jade’s mouth to keep her from blowing their cover. All three of them were crowded behind the door, listening to every word. When they heard the confessions, Jade had nearly exploded from happiness on the spot.

“Finally! That took forever!” Jade squealed, muffled behind Dave’s hands.

Rose chuckled. “You’re telling me. I’m surprised it was John that confessed first, though I am proud of him for that.”

Dave nodded in agreement. “Didn’t think he had it in him. I can’t believe he said that he loved her more than Con Air. That was deep, man. For him, anyway.”

“Should we congratulate the new couple?”

“Nah, let them makeout for a few minutes. The dude deserves it.”

Rose smiled. “As does [Name].”

Jade giggled, grinning like an idiot as Dave dragged her back to his room, Rose following close behind.

You and John couldn’t have cared less.
Hey look, I did a John thing.

This one took a while because the ending wasn't liking me. But I like how it turned out. Enjoy.

and doesn't John dislike Con Air now? I'm not that far but I've heard things.
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