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June 18, 2013
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The sound of something crinkling underneath you arm is what woke you up. You groaned as you shifted in your bed, opening your eyes a crack to see what it was. There, nestled between your sheets, was a blank red envelope, slightly wrinkled. You rubbed your eyes as you reached over, clumsily ripping the paper. You pulled out a note with seven neatly printed words that looked somewhat like instructions.

Get dressed and head to the kitchen

You mumbled something about roommates as you threw on a pair of jeans (which you placed the envelope in) and a t-shirt as you hopped down the stairs to meet the person whom you shared a house with. She was humming softly as she tidied up the kitchen, moving swiftly while keeping an eye on something on the stove. When she noticed you, she gave a small knowing grin before giving you a hug.

“Good morning, [Name]. How did you sleep?”

You hugged back, replying, “I slept fine, Aradia.” You stepped back, pulling the note from your pocket. “But what’s this?”

“Oh, it’s nothing really. Here’s the next one.” She handed you another, red like the first. “Now grab some food and get going. You don’t want to be late, do you?”

You rolled your eyes. “Late for what?”

The answer you received was a granola bar, your shoes and shove out your door. Sighing deeply, you decided to just go with it. No need to ask your already mysterious roommate for more cryptic answers. You ripped open the note, scanning over the same printed script.

Go to the music store next to the pizzeria

You hopped in your car, glad you had left the keys under the front seat mat last night. You drove quickly to the destination, turning on the radio as your favorite song started to play.

Pulling up, you noticed a familiar face leaning against the side of the store. He walked up to you, that big goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Hey [Name], here you go!” John handed you another envelope, along with a CD, with your name written on it, and a portable CD player.

“What are these for?”

John placed his hand over his mouth, holding back a giggle. “I can’t tell you that. Just read the letter. And good luck!” With that he skipped off to who knows where.

Again you rolled your eyes, placing the CD and the player in the back seat before tearing open the envelope.

Head to Rosemary’s

Oh, Rose and Kanaya’s new fashion store. This will be fun. You pulled up in front of the store after about ten minutes of driving, the sign flashing purple and green. You hopped out of your car, heading into the store. You were met with two women pulling you into a hug. Rose’s face was dusted with pink while Kanaya’s fangs poked out as she smiled at you.

“Oh my dear, you look as lovely as ever. But your wardrobe,” Kanaya tsked as she looked you up and down. “This will not do at all. Rose darling?”


“Fetch the dress.”

Rose grinned. “The dress?”

“Yes darling. Now hurry up.”

Your mouth stood slight agape as Kanaya led you to the back of the shop. She took you into a dressing room as Rose appeared with a bundle of red fabric. She unfolded it to reveal that is was a beautiful dress, simple but elegant.

Kanaya quickly stripped you of your garments, much to your surprise. Rose forced the outfit over your head as you protested over the fact that you could dress yourself. Finally it was on, and the two girls stepped back to admire their work.

“Oh, she looks absolutely dashing, don’t you think Kan?”

“Yes my dear. This was the perfect choice. He has good tastes, doesn’t he?”

Rose swatted her, placing a finger to the trolls black lips. “Shh, don’t give it away!”

You were oblivious to this conversation, as you were twirling in front of the mirror. The dress reached just at your knees. The fabric was slightly ruffled and the most beautiful red you had ever seen. The straps were wide, but narrowed a bit where it was connected to the dress. On the left of your waist was a red silk bow, a jewel encrusted center holding it onto the fabric of the dress.

“Oh my goodness guys, this is a beautiful dress! And I get to wear it?”

“Yes sweetie, it’s all yours. And good luck my dear.” Rose hugged you again, kissing your cheek softly.

Kanaya did the same. “And here’s your next letter.” She handed you the already familiar note and shooed you out the door. “Now go!”

Laughing, you settled down in your new dress, careful not to wrinkle it. You ripped open the envelope, eager to see where you were headed next.

Go the TJ Maxx next to McDonalds

You head there quickly, eager to see what you would get this time. You noticed Nepeta and Equius standing outside the store. Eagerly you jumped out, running up to Nepeta and giving her a hug.

“Hey there, [Name]! Oh, you look absolutely purrrrfect!” She squealed as she ran her tiny fingers over the fabric. “Red is such a nice color on you!”

Equius nodded. “The color does look exceptionally exquisite on you.” He held a red box, along with the next envelope.

“What’s in the box?”

Nepeta quickly grabbed the package, opening it then shoving the box in your face. “Look at how purretty they are!”

Inside the box was a pair of ruby red sandals. The design was simple, but elegant. It wrapped around the ankle and there was a big red flower on the top near your toes.

You gave Nepeta a hug as you thanked her. “They’re so gorgeous! Everyone is giving me stuff today. Do you know why?”

Nepeta gave Equius a knowing smile before turning back to you. “I can’t say. Oh, but it’ll be absolutely purrfect! So get going!” She pushed you playfully back to your car.

After taking off your tennis shoes and placing the new ones on your feet, you opened the note, anticipation evident on your face.

Drive to the park

Excited, you drove to Sburb Central Park, the most beautiful place in the whole city. Your boyfriend had taken you there several times for a picnic. You smiled at the memories that now flooded your mind.

You pulled into the parking lot beside the park in a spot where a sign said ‘Reserved for [Name]’. Underneath was another red envelope, taped to the sign.

Grab the player and CD and head to the largest oak

Shrugging, you grabbed the player and placed the CD inside and sprinted to the oak tree. This is where you had had your picnics. You ran your fingers over the rough bark before noticing the envelope on the ground. Enthusiastically you tore it open.

Press play

You pushed the play button, sweet, slow music emitting from the speakers. It flowed as it seemed to twirl through the air. It sounded familiar, but you couldn’t place your finger on it.

That was when your boyfriend stepped into view, wearing a candy red dress shirt and a pair of black jeans. His hand was clenched around an object, but you couldn’t figure what it was. Dave grabbed your wrist gently with his free hand, squeezing softly as he knelt down in front of you. Your heartbeat quickened as he took off his shades and set them on the grass, looking up at you with those beautiful red eyes you loved. You were unaware as the friends who had guided you here, along with some others, gathered around you two at a safe distance.


You swallowed. “Yes, Dave?”

He smiled up at you, his red eyes twinkling. “You know that I love you a lot. So I decided to do this…” With those words he brought around a red velvet box, popping the lid to reveal a diamond ring nestled in black fabric. “I would be completely honored if you would marry me.”

A collective gasp of anticipation could be heard from the trolls and humans as they stared expectantly at you.

Blinking away tears of joy, you threw your arms around the Strider boy’s neck. “Yes! A thousand times yes!”

He stood up, pulling you into a long, loving kiss before replying. “I knew you’d say that.”

You continued to peck his lips as your friends ‘awwed’ around you, Nepeta especially. Equius held his hand firmly, but gently, around her mouth to keep her from squealing ‘OTP’. One by one they eventually left, leaving you and your lover alone. Soon you left as well, Dave picking you up bridal style as he headed to your car.

Laughing, you gave a quick peck to his cheek. “Where are we going?”

“My place. We’re finishing this in my room, babe.”

He then placed you in the car, your face completely flushed as he drove off.

Best day ever.

Oh my cod, that was fun to write. This is dedicated to my amazing friend, ~JenThaoS If you aren't watching her already, what the glub are you doing? Her inserts make mine look like a first graders essay! She is my Homestuck writer IDOL and deserves a whole lot of love.
Haha, look at me fangirl over her. ;^;
also I can't describe dresses so here's a pic of it: [link]
also sorry for writing this one first. It came easier to me. I'll work on the other Dave one ASAP.
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